Since 2001, Virtual Causeway has been a leading outsource provider of integrated sales and marketing services for companies around the world.

Thrilled to be named three times Canada’s profit 100’s Fastest Growing Companies, Virtual Causeway continues to grow and thrive in their headquarters of Waterloo, Ontario with offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Ottawa, Ontario.

Over 1,000,000 leads generated, and still counting

We focus on Business-to-Business (B2B) activities specifically related to sales, marketing and market research for the high-tech industry. We understand our customers’ businesses and work with each client to address specific business pain points. By leveraging our industry-specific management expertise, our strong labor pool of highly educated employees, and leading-edge demand center technology, we are uniquely positioned to provide strong returns on investment to industry leading firms in North America.

Committed to exceeding customer expectations and results

Our customers and corporate partners, such as Blackberry, SAP, EMC and, include not only industry leaders, but some of the most innovative multinational technology corporations in North America.

Whether our client is a freshly minted startup, a small to medium organization on their way to large and dominant, or a Fortune 500 trendsetter, we have the experience, talent, and people to help them achieve their goals. We walk side-by-side with our customers to understand their objectives, their available resources and talents, their timelines and budgets, and their target measurable outcomes. Our customers benefit from our experience and we benefit from our customers walking alongside of us as we tackle the project together. We then utilize best practices from industry leaders like SiriusDecisions, along with industry leading technologies from partners like The end result is consistently happy, loyal, repeat customers.

Taking our corporate and environmental responsibility seriously

As an established and successful organization, Virtual Causeway understands the impact we have on where, and with whom, we work. That not only includes the many college and university students, young entrepreneurs, interns, and future staffers, that graduate every year in our community, but it also includes the impact we all collectively make on our shared environment.

Virtual Causeway committed itself to environmental sustainability starting in 2009. We look for any opportunity to reduce our footprint including simple things such eliminating the use of disposable dish-ware during team lunches, to car pooling to company events, to the dramatic reduction of paper used in our daily office operations. However, it goes beyond that. We joined, and helped fund, Sustainable Waterloo to ensure other organizations in our community do the same thing. Since we started this initiative, we’ve reduced corporate air travel by over 40%, cut our GHG emissions in half, and implemented a “forever green” property management system in our facilities. Most notable, we publicly report our efforts every year to ensure accountability and transparency.

Virtual Causeway understands that today’s startup may be the community’s major employer tomorrow. Successful entrepreneurs benefit everybody. As such, we are committed to assisting, mentoring, and funding these entrepreneurs. We are actively involved in multiple incubators and hubs across multiple cities. We give our time, our expertise, and our people to support these initiatives. It’s a corporate commitment and something we’re proud of, even if we don’t talk about it much publicly.