Our strategic consulting of business processes, frameworks, and technology elevates your sales and marketing performance. Partner with our experts to grow your business and strengthen your team.

Strategic Consulting Services

Our seasoned Executives in Residence deliver guidance and actionable recommendations in Sales, Marketing, HR and Operations. Through coaching, mentoring, planning, and team participation, gain help that is customized to growing your organization.

Virtual Causeway consulting is rooted in ongoing research, trends, and frameworks that evolve with the marketplace to promote your leadership strategy.

Marketing Automation

Virtual Causeway has successfully managed and launched thousands of marketing campaigns. Whether you are just starting your business or already full grown – our technology practice can help deliver success.

Virtual Causeway partners with both Pardot and Act-On to provide the optimal Marketing Automation system for your business. Pardot by Salesforce.com is a full-featured marketing automation tool that’s easy to use and has a competitive pricing scale for any size business.

Pardot’s services include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead management
  • ROI reporting
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Social Marketing

Pardot is priced for all markets and special promotional pricing is available for Virtual Causeway and SAP Partners. Act-on is designed for Business-to-Business Marketers and it’s fresh approach to marketing automation gives you full functionality without the complexity other systems impose on you.

Act-On, with its robust functionality and intuitive interface, provides a range of services to help your marketing campaign be more effective:

  • Inbound Services
  • Outbound Services
  • Lead Nurturing

Act-On is priced for the small and medium sized market and special promotional pricing is available for Virtual Causeway and SAP Partners.

Webinar: Making Content that Matters

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting

Are you having difficulty getting a solid ROI out of your Salesforce.com CRM system?

Most companies have realized some return from their CRM investment but according to Nucleus Research, 80% of CRM returns have yet to be realized. The most critical elements that are often overlooked or are just poorly implemented are:

  • Integration – desktop applications, front and back office and social business applications
  • Extension – deploy content and collaboration tools to replace multiple content repositories
  • Collaboration – add social collaboration to your CRM

Let our Salesforce.com certified Consultants, Developers, and Administrators help your organization maximize the potential of your CRM system.

Our services include:

  • Strategy Sessions
  • Data import & Integration
  • Implementation and Customization Business Process Improvement & Automation
  • Lead & Sales Management
  • Dashboard/Reporting Optimization Contact us to inquire about pricing for your business

Data Sourcing

Having the correct and data is key to drive business. Knowing where to get the correct data from is a whole other ballgame.

We have a team of IT experts that can source the best data for your company by getting to know your target audience, what drives their needs and what makes them happy to complete buyer’s journey.

Data Collection

Knowing your market and industry is key to the success of your business. Do you know what makes your customer tick? Virtual Causeway’s market data collection services can provide you with the market data that you need.

We find the right people, ask the right questions, and provide you with high quality, accurate data to help you understand your customer and market. We have the ability to provide data via web-based surveys as well as telephone surveys depending on your needs and budget. Virtual Causeway’s data collection services will give you the right perspective.

Whether you are looking for global or regional information, we can provide it. Utilizing our industry specific tools, we connect you with the right people with the right knowledge and provide accurate, high quality market data.