Do you understand your target audience? What are the trends impacting them? Can you quantify the issues? Do you need hard data and answers to tough questions? We do that.


Research Solutions

Struggling with customer retention and how to increase the lifetime value of your installed base – Or simply trying to understand what makes your competitors’ customers tick?

These are good, and often baffling, questions.Market research can be your strategic tool to mine your installed base with new product offerings or away into your competitor’s installed base. Getting the correct data, from the correct audience, on time and on budget is more challenging than ever. C-level executives won’t answer surveys and IT managers could spend their entire day answering these questions.

Virtual Causeway’s primary market research professionals are hunters rather than gatherers. They don’t just collect whatever information they come upon; they hunt for the right data. Whether on the phone or via the web, let us go hunting for you! Getting the best data from the right audience is more challenging than ever, not to mention doing it on time and on budget.

Virtual Causeway can help you with your market research project from beginning to end to help you get the quality information you need quickly and affordably.

Survey Design

At Virtual Causeway, our focus on quality is from beginning to end. We use our years of market research experience to help you design your survey to ensure you’re getting the quality answers that you are looking for.

Programming and Hosting

We program and host the survey on our platform to get your project up and running quickly. You can review and test the survey before going live.

Data Collection

Phone or web, local or global, we’ll connect you to the right people for your study. Our extensive quality control processes ensures that you only get the highest quality respondents.

Webinar: How To Research Your Prospects Without Stalking Them


Real-time access to our portal allows you to see the progress of your project at any time. We also provide a variety of exported data formats to suit your needs.

Data Analysis

We provide real-time data analysis tools as well as access to more sophisticated analysis processing services.