Earlier on, Rick wrote a post about WHY we are blogging – the end result – content. Blogs are everywhere! There are literally (figuratively) dogs writing blogs. Not kidding – check it out (Alfies Blog). With the saturation of the blog market – ever get stuck thinking about WHAT to blog about? Here are some tips and tricks we have come across when you need some blogsperation:

•Create a blog content calendar ahead of time – there are many tools out there can aid with planning and development – examples include Hubspot, Evernote, WordPress, ActOn, InfusionSoft. Take 1 or 2 hours to create the content calendar each month. Depending on what type of company you are (B2B, B2C) and the industry you are in – this can affect how many blogs you write per week. Some small companies will only write one blog per week while other companies will write 2-3 per day. The content calendar is helpful for planning what you are going to write, when you are going to write it and who on your team is going to write the blog. This will help create accountability and ensure the job is done on time.

•Stuck for content? Check out interesting topics that are trending in your industry. Is there an event happening in the news that you could write about? Browse LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook for topics that are trending. We have found some of the best blogs come from personal experiences that other in similar industries or situations can relate to. For example, ever had a power outage while on a conference call? (an •Blogging best practices – provide a benefit to your reader as you will want them coming back(and suggesting this blog to their co-workers). Ask questions and engage your audience! Do you agree? We suggest not to OVER blog – don’t write an essay. The blog market is very saturated, and time is valuable – your blog needs to be clear and to the point.

•A title that will bring readers in – A title can be the most important and engaging element of your blog. Once your target audience finds it relatable, they will continue to read on. The rest is history once you have hooked them with the content. 
 There you have it. A short, simple blog as to what I should blog about and yes, your target market does care. We hope you continue to read our blogs. And, hey, if dog blogs are your thing instead – go on dog lovers!