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Saying good-bye can be difficult. Or it can be easy. Some people definitely find it easier to say good riddance and move on than others. How do you feel about 2021? Are you reflecting on a strong and successful year, or ready to move on and start over in 2022?

Give this song by Green Day a listen as we look back on the past 12 months…

A Last Look at 2021…

HubSpot Data – The trends throughout the year have been positive. Deals closed, deals created, sales conversations, sales calls, sales emails all increasing steadily. However, sales email responses have declined over the year. Yup – if you want your prospects to talk to you, you still need to pick up the phone! However – a multi-channel approach of digital and human touchpoints remains the strongest strategy.

Sales Enablement – Forrester’s report outlines some key trends we’ve seen this year, including new expectations of sellers; a landscape of hybrid and virtual selling; the buying cycle is now split 45/55 between personal and self-guided interactions; and average buying interactions have increased from 17 to 27(!). Is selling really becoming something that unpredictable? Perhaps – but at the very least, sales organizations need to recognize that the pre-pandemic state of selling is history.

Music Catalog Sales – Another recent sale of music rights was by ZZ Top. Can’t keep up with all of these transactions? Check out the running list here.

Rush’s New Beer Commercial – There has been a trend of bands lending their name to alcoholic beverages for a while now. Check out Rush’s newest commercial for their beer – every ‘New World Man’ must have it!

Musician Emergency Funds – The working musician continues to be hit hard by this pandemic. If you’re interested in donating and helping out, here are some funds worth considering:
Unison Benevolent Fund
Sweet Relief COVID-19 Fund

Closing Holiday Thoughts

Thanks to all of you for your positive feedback, support, and advice. Creating these emails is a highlight of my week – and I hope you continue to get value from them. I wish you every success in 2022 and hope you have the time of your life relaxing with friends and family this holiday season. Happy New Year!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or just say hello.

Looking forward,

Rick Endrulat, President | ricke@v-causeway.com | www.linkedin.com/in/rickendrulat