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It seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time doing yard work – how about you? I sure hope that at some point it slows down so we can enjoy the summer! I guess it’s just a matter of consistently chipping away at it until you get into maintenance mode – steady as she goes, right?

Give this cool song by The Raconteurs a listen with me as we see what the experts are saying this week…

Accessing B2B Influencers

In a world over-saturated with content, it’s become challenging for brands to break through the noise, control their narrative online, and gain the attention of potential customers – so how do you toot your own horn when most consumers say they find it hard to trust companies these days?

According to B2B Marketing Zone, it’s all about B2B influencers. They are just like ‘traditional’ influencers, but B2B influencers are industry experts.

Why should you consider influencer marketing for your B2B business?

  • They help you tap into niche customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach.
  • They can guide a customer’s purchase decisions without sounding salesy.
  • They humanize your brand.

And most importantly, you don’t have to build trust from scratch!

Check out the full article to see exactly HOW to effectively partner with an influencer… and maybe then you’ll get along with even more customers!

Censorship Through the Ages

Have you had your latest amazing email copy chopped up and edited by your boss? Feeling a little discouraged? Well don’t be – as we look back in time we can see some examples of music censorship that (now) seem ridiculous. According to Alan Cross:

  • In the 4th century, St. Augustine complained that the sensuous melodies of the music he heard in church caused him to “become a problem unto [him]self.”
  • In the 12th century, John of Salisbury noted that the church music he heard in Paris – yes, the medieval Catholic hymns – could “more easily occasion titillation between the legs than a sense of devotion in the brain.”
  • A few centuries later, the head of the Orthodox Church in Moscow ordered that all musical instruments be burned because they invited paganism.

So the next time your copy gets rejected, making you feel as though you tripped and fell, know that you are in good company!

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