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When you think of sales, what do you think of: Herb Tarlek from WKRP (RIP Frank Bonner)? The Wolf of Wall Street? That person that sold you your last car? What do your customers think when they interact with YOUR sales team? As we know, it’s all about the experience…

Give this classic Jimi Hendrix track a listen with me, and let’s see what the experts are saying this week…

Driving ABM Success in 2021 – Are You Experienced?

We saw some great ABM content from #B2BMX last week. What will drive ABM success in 2021? Here are some highlights:

Experiential marketing and customization – We’ve mentioned ABX (Account-Based Experience) before, and Demandbase outlines how to use the F.I.R.E. methodology to streamline the target selection process:

  • An account’s Fit into the organization’s ICP;
  • The level of Intent a prospect is demonstrating;
  • A review of the account Relationship; and
  • An analysis of an account’s Engagement.

Research-backed content & personalized outreach – According to Orbit, the boundaries of the personal and the professional have eroded due to the pandemic. Marketing to an account without engaging each individual within that account in a genuine human way falls short. They also shared some tactical examples using digital marketing and account research:

  • Customizing Content for Individuals – Research reports, surveys, e-books;
  • Recalling First-Person Experiences – Speak to your own personal experiences 1:1; and
  • Leveraging Social Media Data – Determine buying interest through social media activity.

Marketing teams must generate unique research that positions them as thought leaders while demonstrating the value of their solutions. Being human is no longer an option, it’s essential. Team members must be creative in finding ways to quickly connect – get your mind together, then come on across to your prospects.

Disco – Still Sucks?

I feel like I’ve given Dave Grohl a lot of airtime in these newsletters lately; he certainly knows how to stay top of mind. This story is a fun one – and definitely worth sharing! Foo Fighters are going to release a disco album as ‘The Dee Gees’ – what a great name. And the name of the album? “Hail Satin” (no, that’s not a typo… it’s Satin).

A lot of what I originally learned about disco was from my Sesame Street Fever album, American Bandstand, and watching WKRP episodes where disco was consistently insulted. This album, however, will be something I’ll check out – and it will include four Bee Gees covers.

Dave Grohl and the Foos consistently crack me up. Their sense of humour and general attitude of fun are awesome, and I think a lot of fans appreciate it. It reinforces how YOUR brand voice is important – and infusing personality and a sense of humour into your B2B sales and marketing can be a great way to get noticed. Because really, it’s all about the experience!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or just say hello.

Looking forward,

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