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I was at a concert the other day and a fan held her phone up to take a video. An usher pounced within seconds, grabbing her phone and ordering her to stop. I mean… really?

Jack White famously implemented a no-phone policy at his shows – the audience needs to give up their devices before entering the venue. I don’t know about you, but being without my phone for hours at a concert would make me jittery!

Give this live song by The White Stripes a listen with me as we see what the experts are saying this week. (I assume there were phones in the audience at this performance!)

No Dead Leaves, No Photos!

With Valentine’s Day this week, many of us are visiting flower shops. And apparently, you might see a ‘no photos’ sign in the shop! Why?

According to Seth Godin, ‘taking’ a photo sometimes feels like taking. The creativity, skill, and effort that go into making a distinctive arrangement might feel uncompensated when someone simply takes the work and posts it.

Is that why Jack White bans mobile phones at his shows?

According to White, it’s because he wants to establish a different bond between himself and the audience by blocking them from using their phones. Thus, he gets the chance to interact with the audience more.

In B2B, we’re always trying to build a connection with our clients and enhance our users’ experience, right? Maybe he’s on to something – maybe taking phones away IS a tiny little gift that enhances the experience. But experts would argue that it’s integral to your success to have your audience share their experience beyond the show.

Seth’s point is: once you’ve made something worth photographing, capturing and spreading the idea will help you, not hurt. More than ever, people are “paying for famous” – even something as simple as a famous bouquet – as produced by the originator of the design.

The real hard part is making something worthy, not protecting it from the cameras. If your customers know what they love the most (and it’s you)… how are you making yourself available to be shared to grow your audience?

Romantic Music

Looking for a date on Valentine’s Day? Maybe you need to play some romantic music before asking…

Scientists discovered that it’s more likely that an average-looking dude will get a phone number from an above-average-looking woman if the woman has been exposed to romantic music first. Researchers looked at French women between 18 and 20 and exposed a controlled group to romantic music before sending them in to talk to average-looking guys.

Those who heard romantic music before their talks were 52% more likely to give up a phone number than those who sat in silence.

I love medical studies involving music, but why conduct this study at all?

Because behaviourists are most interested in the effects background music has on what we do, how we think, and how we’ll act. There are actually deeper implications to these results than just getting a phone number. So while it may not be with romantic music, how can you use your prospects’ behavior to make sure they’re gonna stick around?

Latest Catalog Sales

Fellow Canadian Justin Bieber is the latest to sell his song catalogue – for upwards of $200 million. Other recent transactions have included Keith Urban and Peter Frampton. For a running list of artists who have sold some or all of their song catalogues, click here.

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