Ever felt like you’re in the eye of a hurricane? With the conflicting opinions swirling around reopening, the pressure for companies to recover, and the stock market seemingly spinning in circles, it feels like the storm is all around you. But we’re going to get through this together. So as you read through, listen to a Canadian Rock Icon performing Like a Hurricane.

Here is what the experts are saying, and some takeaways from the past week:

Is Your Demand Generation Taking a Summer Vacation?

Every year, as we enter the summer months, I have this discussion with my clients – some of them want to slow down marketing efforts in the summer, while others want to ramp up. This conversation has become so prevalent that I just created a separate blog post about it. And in today’s COVID world, these considerations are even more relevant!

Sales Activities Continue to Rebound

Have you seen the most recent HubSpot Benchmark data? Closed deals and deals created continued to rise in July above the pre-COVID benchmarks. So what does this mean? Activity levels are still increasing – keep pushing through the summer! Before you know it, we’ll be in September and you’ll only have one month left to hit your Q3 numbers! How are you going to hit your 2020 sales and marketing goals?

No In-Person B2B Events Until Second Half of 2021?

MarTech Today’s recent study shows that marketers won’t be interested in attending in-person events until at least the second half of 2021. Wow. But – while in-person events aren’t an option, the majority of marketers are satisfied with their virtual event experiences this year.

What are you finding in your organization? When would you be ready to attend another B2B event?

Concertgoers Help Research How COVID Spreads in Large Gatherings

As cultural mass gatherings around the world remain on hold for the foreseeable future, researchers in Germany are recruiting volunteers for a “coronavirus experiment” this August. Pop fans will be equipped with tracking gadgets and fluorescent disinfectant to get a clearer picture on how the virus could be prevented from spreading at large indoor concerts. Check out the article here.

I quoted the co-founder of Lollapalooza last week stating that we need to get through our germaphobia economy and into the claustrophobia economy – but this latest article has me wondering if we’re entering an “experimental economy”? Hold on tight, and don’t get blown away!

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