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How does it feel? 2020 has often felt like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone that keeps on rolling. Listen to this with me as we focus on finishing the year strong!

Here’s what the experts are saying, and takeaways from the past week:

Flexible Go-To-Market Framework in 2021

Are you making the shift to combine multiple go-to-market (GTM) strategies side-by-side to see how they work together? TOPO’s introduction of the Double Funnel in 2019 illustrated how the world’s fastest-growing companies understand how all GTM approaches contribute to revenue.

TOPO’s Go-to-Market Framework companies need to not only find the balance between volume/velocity and account-based strategies, but understand that these can overlap and share tactical approaches.

Their key takeaways to build a flexible GTM portfolio:

  • Eliminate silos between GTMs and specify how and when contacts, accounts, and insights flow between other GTMs.
  • Embrace an audience focus. The buyer and their mission-critical priorities determine the tactics, messaging, and offers to be used – not the product.
  • Orchestrate everything. Fluid transitions between GTMs and teams deliver the speed and flexibility required to win.
  • Measure consistently and specifically. Aligning all GTMs side-by-side identifies points of unification and the most meaningful insight for every slice of data.

Sometimes marketing programs can feel disconnected and without a shared home, but the TOPO framework offers a fresh approach. What have you got to lose?

Top Holiday Email Marketing Tips

I have put this off as long as I could, but even I have to admit… it’s officially holiday season! Consider the experts who shared with HubSpot their top 8 email marketing tips for the holidays:

  1. Start planning way before you think you should.
  2. Focus on the customer, not an aggressive sales agenda.
  3. Interactivity and fallback go hand in hand.
  4. Segment and rule.
  5. Get personal.
  6. Take the responsive route (it’s not just an ‘option’ anymore!).
  7. Get real with real-time content.
  8. Break the boundaries of email and go social.

Segment and rule would be a cool t-shirt slogan or band name! Seriously, it is too easy to just send an email without thought into its effectiveness… keep these tips in mind as you manage your campaigns – just don’t spill any egg nog on your keyboard!

Dylan Sells

As you may have heard, Bob Dylan recently sold his songwriting catalogue for hundreds of millions of dollars. The music industry has reacted in many different ways, and commented on his motivations as well as Universal Music’s motivation for the purchase.

Music journalist Bob Lefsetz, however, feels that Dylan should NOT have sold. Is Dylan just selling out and should remain some kind of “suffering artist?”  In our B2B world, we continue to see the evolution of the “cash now” versus “ongoing revenue” argument. SaaS companies are built on the concept of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) – providing greater sales predictability and stability.

But if you win the lottery, are you taking the lump sum or the monthly payout? Sometimes our business decisions are different than our personal decisions – for good reason.

Once upon a time, this would have been holiday party season. I think there is reason to believe next year will be better, but until then, enjoy a virtual beverage in your finest holiday sweater!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or ask how I can help.

Looking forward,

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