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This time of year can be tough for business. Many take vacations now to enjoy those hot, hazy days of summer. But September (and the end of quarter!) is right around the corner. How do your sales teams deal with all the people on vacation?

Give this song by The Raconteurs a listen with me as we see what the experts are saying this week…

The Latest Warnings from Tech

You’ve probably seen the latest news about Google and their warning of ‘blood on the streets’ if employees don’t improve performance. And, of course, warnings from Facebook recently. When you add in any recent layoff announcements in tech, things seem pretty grim.

But are they? Should we be surprised that Google is holding their sales teams accountable to hit their numbers? Shouldn’t we be expecting our employees to be performing no matter the economic climate?

If we believe the media and the marketing spin of many vendors, then we’ve got a little situation and are heading into some difficult times. So how can we take advantage of the economic climate and grow? Here are some quick resources for you:

There are a lot of resources that can help you give your problems your consideration. Hopefully, these ones can act as a starting point and help you keep your head and team in the game.

Social Media Trends in American Teens

There’s a new survey by the Pew Research Centre into how American teens use social media. The music industry would be advised to look at these trends, too. And what lessons can we learn for B2B?

The survey (n=1,316 teenagers) confirmed what everyone suspected about their social media habits.

  • 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, which is up from 73% in 2014-15.
  • 92% say they use the internet “almost constantly.”by
  • 95% of Americans 13-17 use YouTube. Three-quarters of them use the site daily, with 1 in 5 saying they use it “constantly.”
  • 67% use TikTok with 58% signing on daily.
  • 62% use Instagram (That’s up, but it used to be ahead of TikTok).
  • 59% use Snapchat.
  • Only 32% are on Facebook (down from 71% of teens in 2014-15).
  • 23% use Twitter.
  • 20% are on Twitch.

And Tumblr? It still exists, but only 5% of teens use it.

Could any teen give up social media? A full 54% say, “It would be hard.” The full report can be found here.

These are interesting trends to track for B2B – how will they impact YOUR buyers’ behavior? They may be teens now, but soon enough they’ll be holding all the information and making buying decisions – so monitoring these trends as they head for those positions should prove to be a boon in the end.

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