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I saw the Rolling Stones UNZIPPED exhibit earlier this year. As a fan, it was cool to see an exhibit dedicated to the musical, business, and creative lives of one of the greatest rock bands in history. And it got me thinking – what are some of the business lessons we can learn from the Rolling Stones?

Start up this song and have a listen as we get caught up this week…

Images Matter. If you’re of a certain age, when you think about The Rolling Stones, you picture their distinctive tongue logo (that is, if you’re not thinking of one of your favourite tunes). The Rolling Stones’ icon certainly has withstood the test of time – can you imagine the band deciding to do a rebrand?

It’s not just the logo that has defined the band’s image. Besides their music and performance charisma, a collection of posters, photographs, album art, and merchandise – some with collaborators such as Andy Warhol – comprise the branding power and mystique of these legends, taking us places we’d never, never seen. Young people today taking selfies think they invented this, but it was really the Rolling Stones.

How’s your brand? Do you stand for something? Do your visuals amplify your brand?

Packaging Matters. For the Stones, the visuals go beyond graphic design to fashion and the accoutrement of their realm. One section of the exhibit walks us through their guitar stories and another through their enormous influence on fashion. They seem to have had as much fun making a mark on the world through fashion as through their musical risk-taking.

How about you? Are you leading the industry and taking risks? Do your choices in ‘packaging’ help you stand out? Or are you struggling to compete with the riders in the other heats – your co-workers and competitors?

Experience Design Matters. As rock ‘n’ roll exploded, musicians upped the ante through performance, and the Stones led the pack. As if their music wasn’t distinct enough, The Rolling Stones created dazzling experiences through their live shows. I still remember vividly the first Stones show I saw in high school! The exhibit tells us about the behind-the-scenes design process, complete with architectural drawings and 3D models. Nothing, it seemed, was left to chance.

How is the experience of your brand and that of your company? Are you designing memorable experiences for your clients?

Kick on the starter, give it all you got! Don’t lose sight of what matters to your customers, and be innovative in how you capitalize on that.

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or just say hello.

Looking forward,

Rick Endrulat, President | ricke@v-causeway.com | www.linkedin.com/in/rickendrulat