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Marketing is all about timing. The right message to the right audience at the right time. So – is sending a weekly email on a big public holiday a bad move? We’ll see! But I guarantee that you’ll always get SOMETHING out of the emails (which is why you should get them direct instead of waiting for the blog post)! I promise I’ll keep it short this week, but there’s some great info below…

Give this song by Blondie a listen with me as we see what the experts are saying.

Call me anytime? Well, not quite…

What’s the best time for a sales call? If you’re a sales rep, you might say anytime… but what about your prospect/customer? Factoring in the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the way many people work and engage with businesses, flexible work locations and schedules have made sales call trends more unpredictable than before. Let’s look at HubSpot’s research on the best times to call buyers in 2021!

  1. Best Day for Sales Calls – Wednesday and Thursday remain the best days to call prospects. By mid-week, people have had enough time to settle into their working week and take care of pressing matters without your call feeling like an interruption.
  2. Best Morning Time for Sales Calls – The highest likelihood of answered calls is 10-11 am. The last hour of the workday, 4-5 pm, is also good to reach prospects as they wind down for the day.
  3. Worst Time of Day for Sales Calls – Calling before 10 am can cause uncertainty about whether your prospects are ready and willing to take your call.
  4. Best Response Time – There could be a 450% difference in response time for leads receiving a follow-up call within an hour of submitting an inquiry and those that didn’t! Call those leads ASAP!
  5. Persistence Pays Off – Over 30% of leads never receive a follow-up call after initial contact. But salespeople have a 90% success rate on making contact with their lead on the SIXTH call. Make more attempts and you can experience a 70% growth in contact rates!
  6. Speed-to-Call Trumps All – Responding quickly to a lead can make or break your ability to close the sale! 78% of buyers buy from the first company to respond; sales teams that don’t respond within five minutes experience a lead qualification decrease of 80%.

So what have we learned here? Be smart about your calling – when you call, how many times, and how quickly! And if you can’t handle the volume or be consistent, talk to an outsourced provider to see how they can help – anytime, anyplace, anywhere, any day, anyway…

I hope you’re enjoying your Labo(u)r Day weekend and wish you and your families all the best. Let’s finish the year strong!

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