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Spring has arrived, the weather is warming, and we continue to look forward to safely enjoying warm-weather activities with friends! No matter where you are, and even if you are able to socialize outdoors, hopefully there was no rain on the weekend and you were able to get some fresh air!

Give this song a listen as we see what the experts are saying this week:

Do Blogs Lead to Purchases?

According to HubSpot’s Executive Marketing Leadership Survey, 20% of marketing leaders describe marketing blogs as one of the ‘most important channels’ for hitting goals. Sure – they can help boost SEO, overall site traffic, and online presence – but they can also eat up a lot of time and energy!

Blogs are no longer the most commonly used type of marketing content, but they can still be an effective way to market your brand and sell products. Trust and credibility developed by a thoughtful blog can lead to purchases! If a prospect trusts the advice or information given in your blog posts, they might trust that your offerings are better quality than your competitor’s because your brand knows the industry, what customers want, and the pain points that your product or service solves.

As you focus more on turning your blog traffic into revenue, keep these questions in mind:

  • What information is valuable to my audience?
  • Does my product require lead nurturing via gated offers?
  • Will my tactics seem over-promotional or disengaging to my audience?

Livestreaming – The New Concert

Bandsintown surveyed 7,688 people and found that 86% of fans have watched at least one music livestream within the past 12 months, while 31% have streamed seven or more. 62% have paid for a livestream, while 55% say they will continue watching even when physical concerts return. Meanwhile, 70% of musicians surveyed said they had livestreamed during the last year, while 41% are now doing it once a month or more. 85% of them plan to keep doing it once they’re back on the road.

How does this impact B2B? Will this translate to our B2B events business? I’ve attended many virtual events over the past 12 months, and continue to be disappointed by efforts to translate that live/in-person experience to a pure digital experience. And paid virtual events – I’ve yet to feel like they have been worth the price tag. If you’ve had a great experience with virtual events (paid or free) – drop me a line and share your experience!

Are You Ready for B2B Account-Based Marketing?

I had a great conversation with Alisa Groocock from Forrester last week – we talked ABM readiness, structure, risks, and of course – sales and marketing alignment! Did you miss it? Click here to view the recording!

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