Who doesn’t love a good summer vacation? Do you measure it by the warm weather, time spent outdoors, or reading that novel? As marketers we sometimes feel that tension of trying to keep things moving through the summer – how do we keep things rolling so we don’t see a dip in our activity during August?

If you need a little wake up, give this song a listen as you read through this week’s update – another Lollapalooza connection – Canada’s Arcade Fire!

Here is what the experts are saying, and some takeaways from the past week:

Benchmark Research Shows Measurement Trends for 2020

DemandGen Report’s 2020 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey outlines some key findings among marketers this year:

  • Marketers are pushing beyond MQLs to Account Engagement
  • 59% said they are not doing attribution analysis in marketing measurement
  • 66% want to apply deeper ABM metrics in the next 12-18 months

See the report here.

It’s not surprising that during this economic uncertainty, B2B companies are making every effort to be smart and efficient with their marketing investments. 40% of marketers recognize the need to improve the measurement and analysis of marketing performance. How are you doing with metrics?

The Most Important Question in Measurement and Analytics

Given the findings of the report above, this SiriusDecisions article is timely. They outline one key question that every reporting and analytics team should ask themselves as they work to drive clear decision-making in every phase of a measurement project. The question: “What should your end user do differently, now that they know this?”

It’s an interesting mantra to adopt. Think for a moment how you could use it in context to drive real, tangible decision-making throughout the measurement process.

#Lolla2020 – No Sunburns, No Sore Feet

Lollapalooza ran 100% virtual last week – did any of you watch? It was a combination of past favorite performances and new 2020 virtual performances, and the reviews are generally good. But do we miss the heat, the sore feet, the crowds, and the artist interaction? I’m watching closely as other festivals run virtually – many of the learns from these music festivals will be harbingers of trends in B2B events. What have you learned about running effective virtual events?

Webinar – 4 Campaigns to Help You Hit Your Q3 and Q4 Numbers!

We’re hosting another one of our What Do Marketers Do Now? ….in under 29 minutes events later this month! Please join us and listen in – and of course – contribute! The content focuses on successful and timely lead generation campaigns that stimulate sales. Can you see where you’re going?

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or ask how I can help.

Looking forward,

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