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A client reached out this week and asked if I could help them out. They had a proposal in front of them from December of 2020, and wanted to know if we could get started asap! Can you relate? Well… sometimes we let things lapse, and then we’re suddenly in a panic to get those lead numbers THIS QUARTER!

Give this song by Silversun Pickups a listen before YOU hit that panic switch!

Top Enterprise Sales Tools for 2022

You may have heard about the latest round of financing 6sense closed last month. The sales and marketing tech space is hot… and this latest round increases 6sense’s valuation to $5.2 Billion! Their AI-driven ‘account engagement’ platform promises to unify data, people, and processes to unlock predictable revenue potential. This got me thinking about other sales and marketing tech in a crowded room.

How do you prioritize those solutions to add the most benefit to your initiatives? Our friends at Vidyard put together their list of top enterprise sales tools to adopt in 2022. How many of these have you integrated into your tech stack?

More NFT Nonsense – It’s Never Worth My Time

Like many musicians, Ozzy Osbourne has jumped on the NFT bandwagon, even though most of us still don’t really understand what they are, or the technical babble – and often white noise – that is used to describe them.

Ozzy’s CryptoBatz collection – comprised of 9,666 non-fungible tokens – is a new creation in the digital art world, and pays tribute to his infamous live bat-biting incident in 1982, which you can now own a small slice of in the form of a totally cool virtual bat.

In a highly-amusing video, wife and manager Sharon explains Ozzy’s NFT journey, while he freaks out behind the scenes in his home library over the creative process of making said NFT.


As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or just say hello. And no bats, please!!!

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