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I’ve got a mental pick-me-up for you! Neuroscience has discovered the 10 happiest songs ever. In the midst of whatever stress you’re feeling, join me in listening to this classic to help you generate happy thoughts as we dive into some fun sales and marketing stats! It’ll put a smile on your face.

Here is what the experts are saying, and some takeaways from the past week:

Check Your Marketing Performance – HubSpot Data (cont’d)

I’m digging into the HubSpot data from the past six months to share some analysis around what’s currently driving marketing performance.

  • Web traffic – As expected, total web traffic was at a year-high 34% above the benchmark, and it’s increased since March. Buyers continue to do their shopping and research online, and businesses with the most established web presence are reaping the benefit. Computer software leads the way with the most web traffic – 51% above the benchmark. This reflects the digital transformation that accelerated due to COVID-19.
  • Marketing Emails – Marketers have reinvested in email, given the increase in buyer interest. Marketing email volume has increased and is currently at a year-high 52% above pre-COVID levels. At the start of the pandemic, marketing email volume jumped 30% and remained steady throughout the summer, and has risen again in the fall.
  • Response Rates – These are also performing well, remaining at 10-20% above the benchmark. Open rates leveled out throughout the summer and fall but have held up. Highly relevant, helpful content will reach buyers in almost any medium – and marketing teams seem to be sustaining high levels of engagement via email. This is amazing given how many times email marketing has been declared “dead” in the past.

I think it’s easy for customers to get overwhelmed with email. We find it important not just to have a compelling offer, but to integrate digital and human marketing interactions to increase overall response rates and lead qualification.

Converting Leads – The State of Performance Marketing

We talked above about digital lead generation, but how is your lead conversion? This report,  “Building Relationships for Lead Conversion,” found the top challenges for marketers trying to convert a lead are:

  • Generating the initial lead itself
  • Lack of budget/resources
  • Targeting of leads
  • Lack of data on leads

The digital tactics helping marketers build relationships for lead conversion include social media, website/SEO, and email/automation. Often social media has an uneasy relationship with B2B lead generation, but in an ever-increasing drive to connect with customers on their preferred platform, we need to rethink what we are doing.

Just Smile – The 10 Happiest Songs of All Time

It’s been a tough year for all of us – people are stressed, anxious, and generally freaked out. A Dutch neuroscientist conducted research to determine the happiest songs out there (that’s a job I want!).

Music and happiness are linked, and science shows that happiness makes your brain work better. So remember to take care of yourself, and listen to some music that lifts the gloom!

Here is the happy song playlist on Spotify!

Convert Your B2B Leads Like the Pros – Recording

Do you want to get your leads flowing? Access this newly recorded webinar that outlines some of the best practices in B2B lead follow-up provided by our great panelists Tyler Lessard (Vidyard) and David Blackwood (Outside GC). Check it out here – the conversation was so enthralling, we broke our 29-minute rule!!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or ask how I can help.

Looking forward,

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