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What’s the remedy for this past kind of week? I think we’re all burnt out. So for a breather, let’s just listen to this cool song by The Black Crowes and hope it provides an antidote to our pre-holiday blues and media overload!

Here is what the experts are saying, and some takeaways from the past week:

Driving Sales Engagement – HubSpot Data (cont’d)

As promised, I have dug into the HubSpot data from the past six months, and this week I’m sharing some analysis around what’s currently driving sales engagement:

  • Sales emails – activity has increased 79% globally since March, but response rates have stayed nearly 30% below the benchmark since April.
  • Sales calls – although sales email engagement is suffering, sales calls are now trending 21% above the benchmark. Smaller companies (1-25 employees) seemed to have called their prospects sooner than larger ones. Their call prospecting returned to pre-COVID levels in July, while larger companies are just starting to return to those levels now.
  • Sales outcomes – deal performance continued to improve through July and August, and at the end of September, deals won reached 10% above the benchmark. Deals created also improved through the summer and now it’s 35% above the benchmark!

Changing circumstances affected the urgency customers had around purchases in both directions, accelerating some deals while stalling out others. To be successful, brands need to update their definition of a “good fit” customer as well as their sales motions.

Customers are being overwhelmed so it’s important to strategically create a positive customer experience with your outreach plan that includes delivering true value. Avoid the spray-and-pray – that’s not a remedy for anything!

Shifting Content Strategies During the Pandemic

Have you adapted your content strategy during the pandemic? This article from ClearVoice shares some great examples of 4 brands and how they have shifted their content strategy during the pandemic for increased engagement. 5 notable content shifts:

  1. Increase in webinars and virtual (duh!)
  2. Shorter content calendars
  3. A more human connection between brands and consumers
  4. Sharpened branding
  5. Focus on the audience

In normal times, companies might plan 6 to 12 months of content in advance. In our new reality, that’s condensed considerably. You also need to connect better with your audience – which means developing content that not only adds value but is presented in a manner that the customer prefers/enjoys. Don’t let your good content be the equivalent of bad medicine!

Science Studies Live Concerts

Back in August, I mentioned a German study gathering data on crowd management that could provide useful data for live event professionals. Well – the results are in, and the scientists say that larger group events CAN safely take place in a pandemic situation!

German singer Tim Bendzko performed a real concert, during which different crowd behaviour scenarios were simulated. 1,500 participants wore contact tracing devices to gather data that has been analyzed and modeled over the two months since the concert took place.

This is encouraging! As a music fan, I’m stoked about the possibility of going to a live show again – and I think this kind of research has broader applications and may help us begin to consider how to plan other safe public events. So get ready to mask-up and crank the music!

Convert Your B2B Leads Like the Pros – Recording

Do you want some ideas to get the leads flowing? Access this newly recorded webinar for best practices in B2B lead follow-up from our panelists Tyler Lessard (Vidyard) and David Blackwood (Outside GC). Check it out here – the conversation was so enthralling, we broke our 29-minute rule!!

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or ask how I can help.

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