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I heard a song by AC/DC the other day. Aside from the catchy beat and the heavy guitars, I actually thought a little about the lyrics. How many times do we get convinced to do something, and end up doing it for less than our value (and I’m not just talking about getting paid in pizza to help a friend move)? Give it a listen as we check out what the experts are saying this week…

Is your sales team selling your solution dirt cheap?

If so, then here are some interesting resources for you:

Forbes outlines four steps that sales and marketing leaders can take to strengthen their strategic backbone in order for their sales teams to increase sales and build long-term, trustworthy customer relationships. It’s all about understanding your audience, building strong and memorable messages, and addressing your clients’ needs!

HubSpot goes further to explain that your teams need to focus on teaching vs. selling and guiding your prospects through the buying process. And of course, adding value during EVERY interaction. I speak to my clients about this every week – you can do anything you wanna do, but if you can’t add value, why bother interacting with prospects or clients?

The Twitch Leak – givin’ us the blues

Amazon-owned video game streaming platform Twitch is the latest victim of a monster data breach, making the highest-paid streamers on its payroll from August 2019 to October 2021 public knowledge. The leak showed that the top 25 gamers on Twitch made at least a million dollars a year. And the number one Twitch gamer made just under $5 million a year.

And this is net! There are (practically) no expenses. And this isn’t all the top gamers make – there are other avenues of compensation, like signing bonuses, exclusivities, tournaments, and sponsorships.

Few musicians make this kind of money. They may gross a hundred million, but the expenses are sky high! Their longevity isn’t great, they’ve got to constantly inject their profits into growing their careers… And it turns out those who draw the largest audience consistently, year after year, are those who made it in the pre-internet era, the classic rockers and those blown up by MTV. The more recent your success, the less you can continue to draw, unless you keep feeding the machine and having hits.

So is it worth being a musician nowadays?

How does this apply to B2B? Sometimes you need to ask those hard questions: Are we in the ‘best’ business for us? Do we have the highest potential? Time to make a pivot before the teardrops start

Your Lead Follow-up Sucks

But it doesn’t have to. I had the chance to discuss best practices with one of the top experts in this field (and she actually works with me)! Check out the recording here.

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