Its been such a busy week! I admit that I didn’t make it to the drive-in – maybe the next staff meeting? There’s lots to discuss, so grab your popcorn or coffee, and let’s get right to it!

Venture Funding During the Pandemic

As someone that works with many tech companies, I find it encouraging that late-stage venture funding through this pandemic has stayed strong. You might be surprised that overall funding hasn’t decreased as much as expected. Read more here.

Marketing Budgets and Spending on Marketing Tech research shows that marketing leaders are still decreasing marketing budgets, but they’ve improved slightly toward the end of last week. Marketers are prioritizing the budgets they do have on marketing technology that focuses on content and experience, data, and advertising.

Nearly Every Sales Organization has Changed Tactics

Changes within the sales organization reflect how TOPO’s high growth data set is responding to the pandemic in the second quarter. Revised messaging and engagement tactics, increase in content development, customer retention, and outbound prospecting are all tactics successful leaders have been focusing on. Where have you been focusing your attention? Full summary here.

Thinking About Content Differently

Empathy matters, in both how and what we communicate. While we can continue to re-purpose content, we must be prepared to pivot, depending on the response to our efforts. And we should be wary of opportunistic COVID-content. That gets us back to being emphatic and relevant. Read more.

Drive-in Concerts

My message last week got several responses about drive-ins. Like this one about the band Local H just trying to do their thing!

Will drive-ins affect B2B? Can you see us doing drive-in conferences? Tradeshows? Let’s rent fast cars at the next Vegas B2B conference and have a “real” ZOOM meeting!

Whatever happens, keep adapting, communicating, connecting, and selling!

Looking forward,

Rick Endrulat | President | Virtual Causeway | 519.866.1600 x622