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I love it when a past client comes back. It’s a great feeling – like getting the band back together!

How do you create that same feeling with a NEW client? And how do you get those other past clients back? Maybe you just need to ask them – every single one’s got a story to tell!

Give this song by The White Stripes a listen as we hear what the experts are saying this week.

AI – 2023’s NFTs!

Seems like every B2B article is about AI nowadays. And yes, I’m including last week’s post in that list – it was all every analyst talked about at the Forrester #b2bsummit last week! Interested in exploring the history of ChatGPT? Check out this timeline: from launch all the way to reaching over 100 million users, 1.6 billion visits, and 200 plugins.

Everyone knows about it! ChatGPT launched only six months ago so the timeline is pretty short – but it’s jampacked! It’s interesting to see how the growth of AI happened in such a tight timeframe.

While we’ve never really seen growth quite this fast before, it did get me thinking about B2B (as these things often do). What other tech has seen a quick rise, seemingly out of nowhere? How did we adapt to it, and looking back, how can we apply that to what we’re experiencing with AI now?

Band Reunion Odds

Before the internet, a band could break up, its members retire, and still be a profitable venture.

Those days are gone. Physical sales are a tiny fraction of what they used to be and fat royalty checks are a thing of the past. Meanwhile, streaming doesn’t pay like physical sales. If you’re an artist of a certain vintage, what do you do?

There’s lots of money to be made in taking nostalgia on the road. Amphitheaters and arenas need to be filled. Multiple generations have shown that they’re prepared to part with their money: Boomers want to relive their youth and Zoomers, consumed with FOMO, want to see these great acts before too many of them die off.

Promoters are willing to offer heritage bands sweet guarantees to get back together. What are you willing to offer churned clients to get back together with them?

While you think that over, Alan Cross lists seven groups that appear on many reunion wish lists – what are the chances of them putting aside any past differences for one more go-round? Or will most of them just say they don’t wanna hear about it…?

Want to Play? There’s always room in the band…

This week (June 21) is Make Music Day, the worldwide festival of making music. Visit here for more information.

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