What’s new in the B2B space this week? How are you and your teams coping with your own B2B sales and marketing ramp-up? It feels like the drumbeat is finally starting to get a bit louder in the marketplace. With the economy opening further, many of my clients are eager to continue ramping up their efforts.

Here is what the experts are saying, and takeaways from the past week:

HubSpot Data – Deals ‘Closed-Won’ Rises End of May

The end of May saw a spike in deals closed, the most since pre-COVID. The industries leading the charge were computer software, consumer goods, and manufacturing. They are all sitting at or just below the benchmark as we came out of May. Report details here.

18 Ways Teleservices Teams Can Add Value

Our friends at SiriusDecisions have posted a list of 18 Ways Teleservices Teams Can Add Value When Calling is Uncertain. Among them:

  • Putting Your Audience First – try video, sharing valuable information, and supporting current customer activation and retention programs;
  • Professional Development – conducting customer research, upgrading team skills, and updating competitive information;
  • Personal Development – establishing a social media presence, online learning, and goal setting.

Many of these are topics we’ve discussed in this very newsletter – now that all of our sales teams are 100% ‘Inside Sales’ teams, we need to continue to focus our teams’ efforts on adding value both inside and outside the organization.

#MakeMusicDay – June 21 – New Virtual Schedule

I have a cool distraction for you! Regular readers know music is a big interest for me and I have been a participant in Make Music Day for years. Involved first through School of Rock and the non-profit I co-founded, 100 Guitars for 100 Kids, it’s a great event that brings together music lovers and supporters from across the globe. In re-thinking and innovating based on current restrictions, activities include “Porch Fest”, Virtual Shower Singing, Window Serenades in front of seniors’ centers and nursing homes, and #MySongIsYourSong – a global song swap.

Want to learn something new? Music teachers from around the world will offer 12 hours of free online group lessons. Jump around to sample a range of instruments or binge on 12 straight hours of your favorite.

See their press release here. I highly encourage you to check it out and take part!

Skills necessitate practice. Whether it’s developing your musical chops or pivoting your B2B sales strategy, refining and utilizing your sales and marketing skillset is critical now more than ever. So, keep listening, adjusting, and reaching out.

As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or ask how I can help.

Looking forward,


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