Cultivating Your Leads Garden

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Don’t Mix Up Your Leads and Deals

Leads vs. Deals – truly a B2B marketer's word jumble. I originally posted about this way back in 2015, but I find I am still having this conversation on a weekly basis with clients – so I think it’s timely and worth re-posting today! What do leads and deals have in common? Well... same letters, different [...]

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A B2B Marketer’s Word Jumble….Leads vs Deals

A B2B Marketer’s Word Jumble....Leads vs Deals What do leads and deals have in common? Well....same letters, different order? The image of a word jumble comes to mind - remember the word jumble? You would see it in the newspaper? I’m sure you can play it online somewhere....(Note to self – look for an online [...]

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