As the market for marketing automation grows – platforms such as Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua help large businesses drive revenue by converting leads into customers. The marketing automation industry realized there was a market for small companies and thus gained popularity Act-On, Infusionsoft, and Nurture.

What does this mean for you as a business leader? For your company as a whole?

•Technology is constantly growing and developing – marketing automation allows a 1 to 2 employees do the job of 30 employees. This includes managing contacts – from event management, webinars, data records, contact profiles and records. Managing leads – everyday you can track your web leads, managing lead scoring and drip campaigns. Also managing campaigns – from e-mail campaigns, web pages and forms. A tool that, once mastered, is very, very powerful!
•All marketing automation systems are different and require different amounts of training. A common example that we see is a a marketing automation system put in place, however it is just being used for e-mail.

As an executive you have a choice – outsource the job or develop the in-house staff. Both approaches have a cost in terms of time and money. However, both approaches also have some compelling benefits.

PROS to investing in staff 

-Staff will develop the required knowledge and skill – a trade that can be used in any marketing and sales position.
-Staff works around set schedule

CONS to investing in staff
-Keep in mind the turnover rate in marketing – staff can become certified in a marketing automation system and then leave the company
-Staff can be used in other high priority areas

PROS to outsourcing staff
-You know will be be working with a certified marketing automation partner
-Pricing is agreed upon before hand
-Your company is contracted to convert leads into customers (who doesn’t want that!)

CONS to outsourcing staff
-If you are a small company, it can sometimes be pricey

What do you think? Outsource or invest? Leave us with your thoughts!