I think of myself as someone usually on the front-end of the technology adoption curve.

When I first studied Geoffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm

[i]” in business school, I remember completely identifying with those technology Innovators. Or, at the worst, I thought I might be an Early Adopter. Well – here it is – and I am starting to blog. Why? Well – why not?

There isn’t a day that goes by where my team is talking to our clients about content. You need more content. You need better content. You need relevant content. And over the past years, I’ve found that I spend a lot of my time finding relevant and compelling content for our clients. So – I think it’s time that I start providing some of these great resources and best practices on a more formal and regular basis. So that’s why we’re starting.

You’ll see a few of my colleagues contributing to this blog. I am lucky to work with many talented and knowledgeable individuals – and somehow convinced them to commit to a certain amount of content to be developed on a regular schedule. So you’ll see Cynthia Sundberg talk about research and operations tidbits, Marlene Keay talk about key demand generation how-to’s, and I’ll be providing relevant and interesting sales and marketing tidbits. Thanks! As always – let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions/comments– we’re hoping to hear from you!

Moore, Geoffrey A. (1991). Crossing the Chasm. United States: Harper Business Essentials.