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Here are some takeaways from the past week:

1. Deal Volume and Sales Response Rates are DownHubSpot has been providing some great real-time data on deal volume and response rates since this pandemic has hit. After a slight rally the week of March 30, both the number of new deals created and deals marked closed-won in HubSpot CRM dropped the week of April 6, particularly in EMEA and LATAM.

2. Tactics Successfully Generating Pipeline (cont’d) – Last week I discussed a report from TOPO that outlined the tactics most successfully generating pipeline for B2B Marketers…so I decided to see what my network was finding. I polled my network of sales and marketing leaders, and found similar results. According to the group, the top 3 tactics currently generating demand are: (1) Webinars (2) Outbound Prospecting and (3) LinkedIn.

Not surprising – as I mentioned last week, outbound allows for customization and personalization; webinars are part of our digital transformation; and LinkedIn continues to be a strong connection method. Honorable mention also goes to High Value Offers and Digital Ads & Digital Conferences/Events.

What are you seeing?

3. Resilient Companies – We work with various Intent Data providers, and Leadsift has published a list of ‘resilient companies’ – that seem to be resilient to the economic downturn and could be potential prospects for your business. They combined a few signals to predict this list – companies actively running marketing programs (virtual conferences, paid media campaigns, promoting webinars/white papers); and companies that have been hiring for new roles. The list contains the companies showing growth signals between Mar 26-Apr 6…over 17,000 total accounts ranked globally.

If you’d like to see the list, let me know!

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