As I process everything going on these days, I find myself reflecting on past experiences as I push forward. What is the role of change now?

Here are some takeaways from the past week:

1. Your Brand New 100% Inside Sales Organization! When I started Virtual Causeway in 2001, it was mainly due to a shift in sales models within high-tech. A traditional, decentralized (and expensive) outside/field sales force was being gradually replaced by a centralized inside sales team. Now, due to the current #coronavirusoutbreak, we are seeing ALL organizations becoming 100% inside sales! And, of course, an inside organization requires different management techniques, technology, and support – which is how we help many of our clients. TOPO Research has some great info on this topic – check out their latest on-demand webinar.

2. Greater Contact Data Depth! If you want better results, you must go deeper. Clients are asking us to help them with go-to-market, thought leadership and ABM programs – which require a 360-degree view of contacts, companies, and opportunities to target and convert. In our efforts to support sales and marketing teams to hit their growth numbers, Virtual Causeway is now an official Agency Partner with ZoomInfo/DiscoverOrg. We leverage this data and combine it with our other Virtual Causeway data sources for client projects as needed.

3. Shout Out to our Clients! Sometimes showing is better than telling, so I’d like to highlight what some of our #demandgen clients are doing right now in response to the current crisis. We are fortunate to work with great clients – perhaps their actions will inspire you or maybe you could use their solutions.

  • Answerthink – SAP Partner leveraging webinars to show SMEs how to digitally transition more company functions for game-changing feedback and results.
  • Chargify – B2B SaaS billing company building competitive intelligence to run displacement campaigns.
  • Cineplex Digital Media – Focusing on ABM and shifting attention to the highest value markets to help their clients with digital transformation as they adapt to new consumer behavior due to the current pandemic.
  • Dataiku – Concentrating on data-centric activities such as ABM and data enrichment in targeting strategy.
  • Entrust Datacard – Delayed a new product release to focus on an existing but very relevant/timely product – multi-factor authentication to support the remote workforce (including temporary licensing so customers aren’t tied long term when we return to the ‘new’ normal).
  • Financial Management Institute of Canada – Shifted from in-person event recruitment to relationship outreach in the form of opt-in campaigns.
  • Outside GC – Legal services on a part-time/on-demand basis – targeting specific accounts that have the greatest need. Guess what…they are a virtual firm!
  • Sandhill Consultants – Heavily leveraging digital elements such as webinars with tele-boosting recruitment to connect with their target audience #growing!
  • – Leveraging AI for vastly superior and efficient employee communications – shifting from in-person events to digital combined with tele-prospecting.
  • VanillaSoft – Pivoted to high-value industries for their remote sales solution – EVERYONE is an inside sales rep now!

If you are interested in learning more about any of them, we can certainly broker an introduction!

I hope this information is helpful! Please stay safe and let me know if my team can assist you in any way. As always, don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or ask how I can help.

Looking forward,

Rick Endrulat
Virtual Causeway
(519) 886-1600 ext. 622