4 Proven Sales & Marketing Tactics to Impact Your 2020 B2B Sales RIGHT NOW
The clock is ticking on 2020. What is actually generating B2B sales opportunities in the current unpredictable business environment? As companies fervently adapt to the global impact of COVID-19, one challenge remains – how do you effectively engage buyers to generate leads and grow sales? And still impact your 2020 numbers??!?

In this action-packed webinar, apply current research findings and learn four proven B2B sales & marketing tactics that companies are successfully using. Give us just 29 minutes of your time, and we’ll give you insights and advice to finish 2020 sales strong!

Webinar Experts:
Rick Endrulat is the President at Virtual Causeway.
Douglas Grant is a Marketing Strategist that focuses on global B2B tech and non-profit clients – from strategy to branding to demand generation activities.
Marlene Keay is Senior Manager, Business Development at Virtual Causeway. She has worked with 100s of clients on their B2B sales and marketing campaigns over the years.