Which B2B Demand Generation Strategy Is Right For You?
Are you focused on growing sales? Do you want to target the right people at the right companies and maximize your ROI? Is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) right for you? Choosing the correct B2B demand generation strategy that supports your sales and marketing objectives is critical to reduce risk and boost revenue.

In this webinar you will learn these 4 critical elements:
1. How to align sales and marketing to fuel demand generation and sales growth.
2. How to use the Forrester SiriusDecisions Demand Spectrum model to identify weaknesses that reduce marketing effectiveness.
3. Which of the 4 Marketing Strategies is best for your company: Demand Marketing, Vertical Marketing, Named-Account Marketing (ABM) or Large-Account Marketing (ABM)
4. How to identify specific investments needed in technology, content resources, tools, and metrics to plan, execute, and track for increased ROI.

In challenging times, don’t miss this webinar opportunity to learn how to reduce risk, and optimize your available resources to drive bottom-line results.

Webinar Experts:
Rick Endrulat is the President at Virtual Causeway.
Alisa Groocock is a VP, Principal Analyst of Demand Generation, and ABM at Forrester.

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