What a week it’s been! I wanted to remind you that you’re not alone. As I’ve been talking to clients, partners, and vendors this week, I realized that I need to share more. I can add value to the business community by sharing what I am seeing in the market – so I wanted to post this note with some quick ideas and resources to help your business.

I’m sure, like me, you’re trying to push forward to promote, engage and keep your business moving. It’s an anxious time for everyone, as we struggle to understand how to cope with uncertainty. To help generate great ideas and spur your businesses, I will post summary updates to capture the latest developments and trends.

So…what are savvy B2B marketers doing?

  1. Stocking up on leads and profiles now
    Everybody is wondering if cold calling and outbound demand gen is still a viable option. The answer is — it depends. Looking for ideas to continue marketing activities in these uncertain times? Clean your data. Build your target account profiles and focus on your ABM programs. Map out your desired customers. In other words, do the work necessary NOW to have success when the market stabilizes.
  2. Redeploying the marketing budget to stay engaged!
    Event marketing has endured significant setbacks given current restrictions. Reassigning resources to the creation of a relevant webinar, virtual event, or other meaningful digital content can engage prospects and demonstrate the value you offer. My clients have seen increases in content being consumed over the past week, as many prospects actually have the time to download and digest content.
  3. Getting a different perspective
    I love getting different views to help inform my own strategy. Art Sobczak from The Art of Sales recently posted a video podcast: How to Sell and Be of Service in This Coronavirus-Infected Environment. I highly recommend it! Especially relevant – ‘Be Smart With your Outreach’ and ‘Speak to the Human First’.
  4. Taking action – Customer Example – VanillaSoft
    It is natural to be stunned by the fast pace of developments in our world, but it also offers us an opportunity. As an example, one of our clients – VanillaSoft – is hosting a webinar next week to help insurance organizations with remote sales teams. It’s a timely subject, adds value for their audience, and the webinar format gets them in front of their target market very quickly!

Please stay safe, and let me know if the Virtual Causeway team can assist you in any way to be of even greater service to your customers and prospects at this time. I’m happy to share examples of anything we are doing here at Virtual Causeway or that I am seeing in the market that is being successful – we’re all in this together!


Rick Endrulat
Virtual Causeway


P.S. Don’t hesitate to call me to brainstorm or ask how I can help.